Friday, April 22, 2011

BE COOL.....

                                                      ARGH!!!  ITs COMING AGAIN!
Yes, to people who dont make early preparation for final exam, they will fell afraid can not answer question in exam and to fail in exam. That is normal feeling that will happen to you when you dont make preparation to face something important thing in your life. Some of you maybe already plan to buy fake M.C for accuse to not attend final exam or want to bring along small note along with you in examination hall. Relax, thinks again. That is totally bullshit, even though you can pass in that exam but it totally meaningless because you not honest with yourself.
Here I want to share with you some tips to prepare who want to study last minute..

1st - Calm down
2nd - calm down
3rd - refer to 1st and 2nd tip

Ok, when you can follow this three step you can continue to follow another  tip that I always use long time ago. I hope this tips will be useful to you

1.Turn your phone and any other distractions off. Distractions are probably the     
   primary reason for you were not studying earlier to begin with.

2. Get focused. Do not just study for 5 minutes and then give up. Although most
     people believe that cramming for a test will not help, in the college world it does!

3. Set aside time to take small, quick breaks in between studying. It's too late to take
    30-minute breaks.

4. Determine the information in your study notes and arrange them from most
    important to least important. Since you are studying last minute, you should also
    set aside the information and notes that you already know and focus more on
    what you don't know.

5. Use flash cards, drawings and other methods to further help you with

     your "cram session."

6. Get a good night's rest. This is important so that you will wake up on time for your
    final examination.

7. On the day of your final exam, read over your notes on the way to the exam, and
    be prepared with whatever you need (pencil, paper) for your final examination.

DO NOT EVER-EVER THINK OR WANT TO CHEAT. If you do not know the information, then you just do not know it. Pay the consequences, and plan ahead to study next time

another tips to you:

1st Play card game while smoke cigarette

2nd Burn yours book

3rd Wasting yours time by on9 facebook 24hours per day,chat,playing video game,watch movie till

4th Do not study,just chill out with yours friend "relax je kot..."

HA3 just kidding dude......  

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  1. gempak seh tips yang last tu..aku selalu buat..berkesan!


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