Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WHY our people today like to blame each other???

If you want to eat food,did you ask somebody else to buy that food?
Are you ask somebody else to swallow that food into your own stomach?
Are you ask somebody else to wash your hand and your own mouth after you finish eat?
The answer no,right?
If you want our country be the one of the greatest country around the world,did you ask the other country citizen make that goal happen?
Don't just hoping our PM do it on herself.Everybody have their own work to make sure our own country goal become reality.The thing start from ourself.
There is no king if no citizen.Citizen cannot live in a good and safety environment if their is no good king take care of them and lead them.Like the combination between root and tree.Citizen is the root for the tree.Without root,the tree cannot stand firmly.
Don't just blame each other if something wrong happen,don't just blame our politician,because they need our support to stand firm.Everybody need each other to keep leaving in good condition.You have your own brain,so think which one is good and not.
Actually their is no need to blame each other,but the most important thing to do is prevent it from happen again,think,why that problem happen and find the best solution to solve the problem.
Stop blaming each other,look at yourself,are you a perfect person?
Nobody can be perfect,but we can try to be a perfect person...
But,always remember,anything you saw,anything you hear,anything you read,don't easily believe it.think first.

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  1. manusia hanya mampu melihat palit buruk kekal tercarik bukan jernih indah rupa yg alsan cuma sementara.


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