Tuesday, January 18, 2011


fuck you !!!
What do you expect when you read my blog???

"if you cannot accept 'that', my suggestion, stop reading 'this'.
Frankly,actually I just want to prepare your mind set so that you will be ready to listen my story or whatever you call it, from my most honest side of my feeling to your heart"

pLEASE DON'T UNDERESTIMATE ME.Cause when you want to judge the book, don't judge it by looking at its cover, but the contents is more important.
Like to make you keep wondering what the input that actually I want to share with you.Believe me,their is always some input I hide behind my message,you just need to open your heart to hear my soul.
Everybody is different from each other,that make you special.So maybe some of you can accept my style or my input that I would like to share with you and maybe some of you cannot accept this.
Never mind,if you can't accept this,its okay,everybody have their own right.
Thank a lot to who can accept,and I also would like to thank to who can't accept my style cause it show you have your own principle .... 
damn you... =)

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